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Your Privacy, and our Anonymity
Our privacy policy is very simple: we respect your privacy absolutely. 

If you provide an email address so that you can be notified when SG is updated, it will be maintained by the server and no human will ever see it unless you ask to be removed from the list.  You do not need to provide a name with your email address, and if you do, it can be anything you like.

We have no way to provide a list of "subscribers" to anyone even if we wanted to. 

If you post a comment on one of the articles, you can use a fictitious name. If you want to invite email, or provide a link to your own web site, you can do that but it is entirely optional.

As with any web server, access to the SG pages is logged.  The information logged is restricted to the IP number of the system requesting a file,  the name of the file requested, and the time and date of the request. The logs are kept for a very short time, after which there is no record that you were ever here.

Freedom of speech is not truly free if there is enforced "accountability."  Like many historical pamphleteers, the publisher, editors, and contributors prefer to remain anonymous so that they can speak freely without fear of repercussions.  Freedom of speech is arguably our most precious freedom, and it is under threat today as never before.  The best way to protect it is to exercise it, often.

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